Walkathon Documents


It takes about 140 volunteers to make this event happen! Even if you can’t volunteer during the event, or only have an hour, we can use your help. You can contact our volunteer coordinator by email at volunteers@landelspta.org.  Or simply fill in the paper volunteer form from the Walkathon Packet and bring to the office, or child's teacher.  Or you can sign up online....  Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1.  Click this link to see our Sign-Up.

2.  Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.  Boom.

3.  Sign up!  It's easy - you will NOT need to register for an account.

 What do I need to know?

Can we make donations on-line?

YES! We have an exciting platform for donations this year, which allows you to share your child’s donation page around the world.  It's called Walkstarter, and you can find the FAQ below.  Go to landels.walkstarter.org to get started.  It is simple and fun to use!

Why support they Walkathon & Silent Auction?

The money we raise directly supports our school’s enrichment programs, field trips, technology tools and so much more. Funds are raised through pledges collected by students. The Walkathon is a community event for Landels’ students, families, and teachers to build school spirit and have lots of fun together. Get involved: help your child collect pledges, volunteer, make a donation and attend the event!

Walkathon Pledging:

Prior to the event, students gather sponsors who pledge per lap or a flat donation (i.e., fixed dollar amount) for their efforts.  Please help your child collect pledges.  Pledge forms will be sent home on September 25 and collected, with all donations, after the Walkathon on November 3.

 When does it start? 

Friday, October 19, right after school.  We have lots of FUN GAMES, FACE PAINTING and plenty of FOOD OPTIONS, so come and plan to stay all afternoon. 

Can we bring family? 

Absolutely! We encourage you to come have fun and support Landels. There will be plenty of activities to enjoy.

What food is available? 

Great food planned.  Definitely pizza! We have Waffle Amore food truck serving sweet and savory delights, cotton candy, Kona Ice and more!

Will the Walkathon t-shirt be available again this year? 

Yes, and it's going to be awesome!  Pre-Order here before it sells out! 

When does the Walkathon end? 

The Walkathon is officially over at 6:00pm. Silent Auction and Raffle continue till 7pm.


Can the students wear costumes?

This year we are NOT allowing costumes but would like to encourage students to wear their walkathon t-shirt.


Questions? Contact Chris at walkathon@landelspta.org.


Walkstarter is our new online pledge system found at landels.walkstarter.org.  This system will allow our students to request and collect pledges from friends and family who would like to pay online with a credit card.  Each child can create a custom avatar and web page to share with potential donors via email or social media.  Donors simply click the link and make a pledge in a few easy steps.  Parents and kids can monitor progress toward their fundraising goals and easily send thank-you emails from the site.  Walkstarter is private and secure, so no one can get to your child’s page unless they have your unique URL.                                              

Walkstarter FAQ

- Should I use online Walkstarter, the paper Pledge Form, or both to collect pledges?

It’s completely up to you and what works best for your friends and family members.  If a donor wants to pay with a credit card, they need to make that donation using the URL link you send (this happens at Step 3, after “publishing” your student’s page).  If a donor wants to give you cash or a check, you need to turn those pledges in with a paper Pledge Form, due on November 3rd..  So we suggest using Walkstarter to contact as many friends and family as possible online.  Then use the paper Pledge Form for anyone who isn't online, for whom you don't have an email address, or who would prefer  to give you cash or check (made out to Landels PTA, please).  On the Pledge Form you will see where to note the online payments versus checks and cash.  


- Why do I need a Google account to sign up?

In order to simplify the login process, Walkstarter uses Google sign-in.  But please note, this does not have to be a gmail account.  Your Google login is the email address and password you use to access Google Docs and Google Groups.  If you don’t already have a Google account, it is free and easy to set one up.  Just follow the on-screen instructions to create an account, then you’ll be able to create avatars and web pages with your kids.  A Facebook login is also available.

- I can’t remember my Google login info.  What do I do?

Google offers password recovery service.  Just click the “I forgot my password” phrase to have a temporary one emailed to you.

- Do donors need to log in?

No.  Donors simply click the link that you share with them to be guided through a few simple screens to make a payment.  (This URL link is created after you complete step 3, “Publish”.) Or, they can donate on the front page at landels.walkstarter.org (as shown in image below) and simply place the student name in the correct area as shown.   We will make sure that money gets to the student’s account.  (This might take a few days.)

- We can’t find our Walkstarter URL to share.  What do we do? 

Excellent question.  There are a few ways to find and share your URL….

1.  Go to landels.walkstarter.org and then “My Walkstarter” found at the top of the page, then click on the “View” button, and share your link with the buttons provided (see icons below under “share page”)


2.  Simply log in to “My Walkstarter” and click the View button, then click on the address bar.  You should see something like this and copy it so you may paste elsewhere:


3.  login to your walkstarter page and click the page/lock icon (the left icon on the image below).  This will copy the url so you may paste it anywhere.

How does my child change his avatar, lap or funding goals?

Login to your Walkstarter page and click on the “edit” button next to the account you wish to change.  All students created under one gmail will appear.

How do I delete my child’s page?

If financial donations have come in via your child’s page, we will need to leave it live until all accounting for this year’s Walkathon is complete.  After that time, our Walkstarter leads can delete the page.  If no donations have come in from that page, the Walkstarter leads can delete it right away.  Please make that request via the Support button on the top right side of any Walkstarter page.

- When will my credit card be charged?

Donors who give a flat or fixed pledge will be charged right away.  Donors who choose to give a per-lap pledge will be charged 50% of the per lap pledge amount times the students lap goal.  So if the student’s goal is 20 laps and the donor pledges $1 per lap, $10 will be charged right away.  The remaining amount will be charged after the Walkathon, once our team enters actual lap totals for each student.

 - If I make a per-lap pledge, can I set a maximum or not-to-exceed amount?

Yes.  In the per-lap pledge section, there is a space where you can set a maximum dollar amount to donate.  This ensures you won’t be surprised if the student greatly exceeds his or her lap goal.

- I think I’ve found a bug in the system.  What do I do? 

Argh, that's frustrating!  Please report it by clicking on the “Support” button on the top-right side of any Walkstarter pages or email walkstarter@landelspta.org.  Thanks for your help and patience!

- Will the donor receive a receipt or confirmation of their donations?

Yes, they will receive a confirmation email, with Landels’ tax ID listed, for tax purposes.

- How will I know if someone pledges to my students’ account?

Your student will receive an email confirmation whenever a pledge is given to their Walkstarter page.  The donors are also listed under the “My Walkstarter” page, just click on “donors” and you will see the individual items.