The Landels PTA funds a number of important programs at Landels Elementary. The Landels PTA budget for 2018-19 includes:

  • Community-building events including: staff appreciation, ice cream socials, Family Fun Night, Pride Team, International Carnival, mascot upkeep, and more.

  • A stipend for classroom supplies available to each teacher

  • All assemblies at Landels

  • Books and curriculum support, including library books and an allowance to each grade level to support a grade-level project of the teachers' choosing

  • Transportation for most Landels field trips

  • Beautification and durable goods, such as playground equipment that needs replacing year to year

  • A socio-emotional learning program introduced for the 2019-20 school year.

  • Whole child activities including Colonial Day for 5th grade, Gold Rush Day for 4th grade, Ohlone Day for 3rd grade, some Project Cornerstone materials, and Walk and Roll.

  • Some pass-through expenses are not shown in the chart below, such as the 5th grade yearbook, wherein the PTA enables something by making a large up-front purchase whose costs are later approximately recouped.

You can learn more by attending a PTA meeting and seeing our detailed budget.